Patience is a virtue!

Like many others, I’ve also been hurt from a previous relationship. My past pain is interfering with my current relationship. The thoughts of him cheating, sneaking and lying consumed my life at the beginning of our relationship. The crazy thing is the fact that he never gave up telling me or trying to show me that he was different. At some point within these last 18 months, I realized my worth and the thoughts calmed down. I know the possibility is still there but I have more things to worry about.

Chipmunk is an awesome guy. He has done and will do anything to see a smile on my face. He is all I could ask for in a man. He often say that we bumped heads early in our relationship because I was trying to “fix” him. So not true!!! 😉But now, we get along great. I didn’t give up even though I packed up a few times. I stuck with it and now here we are.

Monk Monk

What can I say? I mean besides the obvious. She is intelligent and beautiful. She exemplifies success in business and life several times over. I asked her one time, why me? She said because you’re my Chipmunk. You just need a little structure and discipline bae. *chuckles a little* For me, she is simply amazing. Every time I see her face or hear her voice I thank God that he loved me enough to create this phenomenal woman just for me. Not without flaws but if you say that she’s bitchy it’s because she’s passionate in her endeavors. If you say that she’s evil it’s because she understands her worth and doesn’t settle for less. I’ve heard they call my Monk Monk bougie. LOL, nah but why not rub shoulders with the ones who have the means to boost success. I myself have said that she needs too much attention but all she wants is for me to love her the way the way she loves me!

This is how he sees me. Who wouldn’t want a man that loves her, all of her, the way this man loves me?! It takes a strong man to be with me. I’m moodier than most. I complain a lot. I like my house how I like it. My kids should act a certain way and I will definitely make sure they do. I need constant attention and affection. If you are a man, I bet you are saying “that bitch is crazy”. Lol. You are right. However I do have many great qualities. I do what should be done in any relationship. The normal things: I cook, clean and make sure my household have clean clothes. I work my ass off at work to be able to help provide for my family. I pull my own weight. I make sure we save for our future. I support any and all dreams and/or goals. I have the business mind in my relationships.