Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a moment:

We are fascinated with the lives of other people. Some of us sit around on our coach and watch reality TV at least once a week. It’s about walking in their shoes or fantasizing it is or was you swiping the black card. Or maybe you like yelling at the TV when someone makes the dumbest mistake. Well guess what?! We are giving you all of that and more because we’re giving you the good and the bad. You will get the arguments, the money issues and the fuck you’s. And it’s all real life drama, intense crazy love, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, thoughts, actions and everything in between.

We met October 2014 and I instantly viewed him as a “person of interest ” to say the least. He stood up and gave his presentation and I was amazed. He had these low, slanted, hazel brown eyes with a mold slightly under his right eye. He spoke with such intelligence. His words were direct and convincing. He spoke briefly about his wife and how they both were competitive. I’m looking at this man thinking “he is family oriented (spoke about his wife), willing to work hard (he told his story about moving up in the company), passionate (I could feel what he was saying because of the passion in his voice) and so damn fine. I went home wondering how was I going to make him my friend since he was married and so was I actually.

Over the next year, we did become friends, close friends. He helped me at work when I needed it. We shared with each other about our failing marriage and the problems we both had. I guess the saying is true. You know the one about opening up to the opposite sex outside of your relationship? Well I don’t know how it goes exactly but it’s true. I was going through a separation with my husband and he was separating from his wife. I seen my chance and I took it. A year and a half later, we are still here and stronger than ever.

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